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Leslie Mercer Jr.

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"The greatest reward is handing over the keys to a customer's vehicle and seeing the smile on their face after a job well done." Leslie Mercer, owner of Mercer Mobile Detailing, believes that customer satisfaction is his calling card. Each vehicle is his canvas and his intent is to paint the most beautiful portrait his clients can fathom.

Mercer has been perfecting his detailing skillset since he was 17 years old. Roughly 20 years later, he's chosen to utilize his hardwork to create something he'll be able to leave to his kids along with his legacy. The Killeen, Texas native also has ambitions of impacting the community he's called home his whole life.

Balancing a day job on nearby Fort Hood, Texas, a busy home life, and developing a budding detail business, Leslie is working hard at remaining focused on his goal. Adding to his full life, Mercer has helped found a youth organization with a focus on helping the young men of his community.



 Mercer got his start while still in high school, detailing vehicles for the members of his church. It is commonly known that good news travels fast in the church community and Leslie's case is no exception. A once per month Saturday task became a weekly appointment, which evolved into several weekly appointments with different clients.

Life ran its course and Mercer craved other experiences, so he joined the workforce and wrote poetry in his free time. To feed his urge to auto detail, he kept his own vehicle pristine, a testament to skills he honed as a teenager.

Having settled into adulthood, auto detailing called Mercer's name again, but this time he answered in earnest and established his own company. Still in its early stages, Mercer is building his business from the ground up. Confident in his abilities, Mercer says that his biggest challenge is performing such great work that his customers won't need their vehicles detailed for months after he's done.

A man on a mission to set his family up for success by creating a business that his children can one day take over. He would also like to leave a lasting impact on the community. Leslie Mercer, with the support of his wife Jamikka Mercer, is changing the game - one job at a time.

Mercer's Mobile Detailing can be found online here: https://www.facebook.com/lmercerjr/

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