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Tabitha Shields

Make-Up Artist

The epitome of slay, Tabitha Shields has taken the make-up game by storm and carved out a rock-solid reputation. With 12 years of professional experience, Tabitha has been a life-long fan of makeup. Dating back to childhood, Shields fondly remembers watching her mother apply her own makeup before sneaking into the stash and doing her own makeup. Tabitha credits the cartoon Jem and the Holograms as an influence in her love for applying beauty products.

Born in Fort Benning, Georgia, Shields has found a home in Central Texas via the military. A former Army dependent, Tabitha has used the experience of attending boarding school and traveling to different military areas to create a very customer friendly demeanor.

Shields has worked at the make-up counter of some national brands including Mac and Estee Lauder. Finding a passion in her work, Tabitha lashed out into independence and began setting the stage for her own beauty studio. Her newly opened studio, The Studio – Makeup by Tabitha, offers a spa experience to every client and a personal touch, designed to leave a lasting impression. Shields is a hard worker who is determined to impress through quality work and her education about discovering the best product for each individual skin type.



Not to be boxed in, Tabitha is also a personal trainer and represents a great example of dedication paying off. Physically fit from head to toe, Shields uses her experience in her own weight-loss journey to motivate and influence her clients to achieve great heights during each session.

Something that is clear and evident about Shields at first introduction is her energy and drive to succeed. The untrained eye can spot her bubbly personality and go-getter vibe from across the room. Tabitha offers a warm and infectious smile as she shares beauty tips and training guidance.

Tabitha Shields is on a mission to make sure that every lady who graces her chair is beat and slayed. Unflappable and amazing, Ms. Shields is a boss in the industry and is a ‘real-life filter’ who will be around for years to come.

The Studio – Makeup by Tabitha online:

Tabitha Shields on Tee’s Corner ~ Segment 1

Tabitha Shields on Tee’s Corner ~ Segment 2

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