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Terenee Lockett-Ware

Amazing Braider

Young. Brown. Gifted. Just three of the many word used to describe Terenee Lockett-Ware, the Amazing Braider. 

Terenee is an up-and-coming stylist in the Central Texas area with dreams of entrepreneurship and self-empowerment. Lockett-Ware's ability as a braider was identified early on as she was taught by her sister at the tender age of 7 years old. A fast learner, Terenee honed her skills within the home on a mannequin head which was purchased by her mother. The precocious youngster toted her mannequin head everywhere, using every free moment to try new styles and challenge herself to braid for long periods of time. 

At 12 years old, Terenee felt comfortable enough to charge a small fee to braid hair. The Killeen, Texas native used the extra income to invest in herself and get the tools that were necessary to improve her abilities. Terenee's desire to excel led her to enroll in Cosmetology courses at Yahweh Beauty Academy in Killeen and will complete her formal education late 2018. Earning a license as a cosmetologist will expand Terenee's ability to be an all around stylist to include braiding, cutting, weaving, and coloring along with barbering.

Lockett-Ware has stated that "Hair is my passion; I’m doing what I love and I get paid for it!" It takes just a few moments with Terenee to know that her statement is genuine. She has a friendly spirit upon introduction, which is enhanced by a quiet confidence that can at times be mistaken for shyness. This young lady has 'Boss' written all over her and her plan to own a salon is just a starting point in the creation of a beauty supply empire.

Terenee believes that black-owned beauty supply stores are few and far between and often shut down before reaching their potential. She intends to change that trend through hard work and dedication to improve the hair industry in Killeen and the business as whole. 

Terenee Lockett-Ware is a shining example of what a life vision looks like while it is in progress. She applies maximum effort to every client's hair and her focus on quality leaves nothing to be desired. If you are in the Killeen, Texas area and need some A-1 braids, contact Terenee for a great customer experience!

Lockett-Ware can be found online at: https://www.facebook.com/Tereneeee/

Terenee Lockett-Ware Interview

Tee's Corner ~ February 10th, 2018

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