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Tess Lucas

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Tess Lucas knows the score. She is the truest definition of determination and the will to succeed. Blessed with beauty and brains, Tess has worked hard to carve out her own lane in her industry and uses her experience to the benefit of those around her. Lucas is a mother, friend, and a veteran.

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Tess has been a licensed real estate agent for 11 years in total, taking a short break to further her education by earning a bachelor’s degree. Lucas is driven by a passion to help others purchase or sell their home and improve their standard of living. Not allowing grass to grow beneath her feet, Tess has a goal of earning her broker’s license to provide a full service suite to each client.

A gifted thinker, Lucas has considered every facet of real estate and uses her thirst for knowledge to find more ways for her clients to reap the benefits of their investments. Tess’ life experiences are an asset to her skill-set because they have helped her to identify and understand how best to serve her clients through market education. Lucas makes it clear that if a client has a dream to be a young home owner, it is easy to reach that goal and achieve so much more by purchasing property.


Lucas’ experience as a service member has made her decision to join the EXIT HomeVets team a simple one. Tess saw the opportunity to work with a team of realtors and a company that could relate to the common struggles that military members face when dealing in real estate in general. There is an understanding between each other, shared by many veterans and with Lucas; a connection that she uses to a positive advantage when providing help to those in and around the neighboring military installation Fort Hood, Texas.

Tess Lucas is a realtor who will make you feel at home at home right away – literally. Her drive and enthusiasm is unmatched and if she is on your team, an easy win is just around the corner.

Exit HomeVets Online: https://www.facebook.com/forthoodhomes123/

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